Little Treasure

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Would you like a #LittleTreasure?

If you love drinks with a hint of fruit, this is for you. It is very easy to prepar because the ingredients are available all year round. It is great for girls looking for a dierent, and more importantly, cool drink.

#Ingredients: 2 oz of Rancho Escondido, 1 oz of white rum, Two orange slices, 3 mint leaves.

#Preparation : Fill a mid-sized glass with ice up to one half (Frapped ice is better), add Rancho Escondido and white rum, stir lightly to unify the taste, squeeze one of the orange slices into the mix and stir again. Finally, add the other orange slice whole and the mint leaves as decoration.

#RanchoEscondido #Tip: If you prefer the taste of fruit, add more #Orange juice and only two mint leaves. But if you prefer a more refreshing drink, use the same amount of juice and add at least 5 mint leaves for more intensity. Tell us what you think of this drink!

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August 24, 2017

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